How is this supposed to save money?  Is the goal to drive down demand?  How about diesel?  Farmers and ranchers use it and the entire economy depends on it fueling the trucking industry.  Mainly, this silly idea is aimed at you.

Liberals want you to change your driving habits.  They were thrilled during the pandemic when significant cities were shut down.  They pulled out their charts and graphs and claimed carbon emissions were down and that we could save the planet if we pulled cars off the highways.  But they can’t maintain such a scheme in a democratic republic.  Emergencies pass and people object to the heavy-handed controls.    

This is About Controlling You

Now the devious little wheels in their warped minds are spinning again.  Declare an emergency over inflationary fuel prices and cancel your summer vacation.  How will this impact the economy?

I prefer driving on vacations.  I can’t stop at a roadside diner when flying at 35,000 feet.  I drive because I want to see the country.  I spend money at hotels and motels.  At restaurants and cafes.  At souvenir shops and museums.  I’m like a lot of Americans with time to burn every summer. 

This is a Man-Made Mess

These liberals dreaming up new ways to control your life haven’t considered the economic impact.  Vacant hotels, restaurants, and museums spell recession.  They think they can simply print more money, send out checks of ever-decreasing value and buy your silence.  We wouldn’t be in this inflationary pickle if they hadn’t done this in the first place. 

I’ve got a better solution.  Restore the Keystone pipeline, drill along Alaska's northern slope, and approve bids for drilling on federal land.  And then don’t harass drillers with deep state regulators.  We’ll solve this mess and pronto!  It’ll be solved come January and a new Congress.  If we can survive the next six and a half months.

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