Twin Falls is in for a treat on Thursday! One of our favorite food trucks is going to be parked in town and serving up some fresh fish and hot chips for lunch and dinner.

Don't even think about packing last night's leftovers for lunch Thursday Twin Falls! Not when you can get your hands on a couple of mouthwatering, golden brown fillets of Alaskan Cod and a hot side of fries. That familiar truck with the line-caught fish is rolling into town, according to their Facebook page.

I am so fired up about fish and chips after reading that the crew is going to be in our neck of the woods today. There will be no need to think twice about making the decision on where to grab a quick lunch or dinner.

Guess who is going to be at Smith's, at 1913 Addison Avenue East today. Our friends from On The Hook have reeled in the fresh catch of the day.

On The Hook just passed through Hailey and Jerome this week, and will stop in Twin Falls before leaving for another destination, so don't miss them. If you have passed the truck and seen the line of hungry Idahoans waiting to place an order, it's time to pull off the road and give them a go.

If you're unfamiliar with On The Hook, take a look at one of their YouTube videos from last summer. It's always a treat when they take time from their busy schedule to stop in the Magic Valley.

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