Google has launched their annual Santa Tracker again, but this year they've added a lot more. A whole village more, in fact.

The Santa Tracker--while still giving the countdown until St. Nick's arrival--now has a whole village of Christmas games and fun! In the village you can:

  • Shave and color Santa's Beard & Hair!
  • Strap a rocket pack to an elf and fly!
  • Create a hot Elf band.
  • Help an elf find presents while learning to code!
  • And other great Christmas games!

It also acts like a Christmas Advent Calendar. Every day through Christmas Google will release a new game or activity into Santa's Village for us to enjoy. The games are simple, fun, and easy to enjoy for all ages.

The Google Santa Tracker is free in your browser and you can download the app for free on Android devices.

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