The Idaho GOP is asking its constituents for "emergency" gifts to help Idaho schools superintendent Tom Luna defeat a recall effort. The Idaho statesman reports that Chairman Norm Semanko sent a recent letter to party faithful  asking members to make a donation to the Recall Protection Fund. Semanko writes that the fund would "defend our brave leaders who dared to stand up to the status quo, reform our education policies, provide better schools for our children, and save taxpayers' hard-earned money." Semanko highlights Luna's reform efforts in the letter, but doesn't mention two other recall targets, Boise freshmen Sen. Mitch Toryanski and freshman Rep. Julie Ellworth. To recall Luna would require almost 269,000 votes before august 30th. Recall proponents need 4,725 signatures to force a recall election against the other two lawmakers. If none of the recall elections are held, Idaho GOP Executive Director Jonathan Parker Parker says party leaders will decide whether to keep the money or refund it.