BOISE, Idaho (KLIX) State tax officials say the grocery tax credit is available to those who don't make enough to file an income tax return. The Idaho State Tax Commission says people who lived in Idaho for the whole year of 2017 are eligible to get the $100 credit to offset the cost of sales tax on food. Idahoans can also get another $100 credit for each of their dependents. Seniors age 65 and up can get another $20. Those under 65 can use Form 40 while those 65 and up file Form 24 to get the refund. Last year the tax commission says 65,000 Idahoans who made too little to file a tax return got a grocery tax credit. There are other requirements when you apply for the credit, go to this LINK for more on how to claim the grocery tax credit. You can also call (800) 972-7600.


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