These people are so “normal”.  It was a thought passing through my head at the Twin Falls County Fair on Friday night.  Steve Millington and I were broadcasting from the Republican tent.

Then they beg off and he pesters someone else by asking questions and then providing you with his answer

Candidates and elected office holders came by for some conversation.  I get a lot of telephone calls from angry talk show listeners and they don’t like that Republican or this Republican and demand we have wholesale change.  In exchange for what?  I’m not really sure.  Your angry buddy from the diner?  He has no money, wants to beat up everyone who doesn’t agree and make up laws on the fly.  To punish the people he doesn’t like and then he claims fealty to founding documents he has never read.

I’m thinking I’m no longer going to tolerate the lunatics on-air.  And I need your help.  You also need to call them out.

We’ve got a couple of guys who probably fit the description, “He was known to police”.  You know the two.  They call and rant Christ has already returned and won’t be coming back.  They stop short of bellowing about “mud people” but I know their kind.  They insist cops get up every day with a goal of shooting dead a drunken rancher.  Never mind the deputies who killed one drunk in Adams County shared his views on land issues (one belonged to an associated organization).  Never mind anyone not related to the rancher (in other words, with no vested interest and prejudices) who witnessed the tragedy has a different story of what went down.

Remember the anti-government radical in the TV series Longmire?  He liked to torture and kill law enforcers because he claimed they were members of an illegal occupation.  We’ve got the same paranoid, evil, despicable lowlifes in every community.  They talk of black helicopters, allege the moon landings were faked and believe the government is controlling us with chemtrails.  Then they wonder why most people walk the other way on local streets.  Because normal people can spot the kooks from a mile away.

Why government and big business would want to kill off the tax base and consumers is illogical, but for the insane it somehow all comes together.

The fair was like a picnic.  A breath of fresh air.  We had one pain-in-the-ass show up but overall he’s a really nice guy.  He isn’t a nut.  Everybody likes him.  For 5 minutes.  Then they beg off and he pesters someone else by asking questions and then providing you with his answer.  At least he doesn’t follow you home.  Maybe we can turn him loose on the Democrats.  Now there are some crazies in that club!

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