I’m not sure I’m a guy who believes in ghosts.  I’ve never seen one.  Or if I did, I didn’t realize it was a spirit.  My best friend is a different story.  He tells numerous tales about encounters with dead neighbors and dead family members.  He claims he once even had a conversation with a neighbor who had been crushed by a tractor. 

The old Albion Normal School is a great place to set up a haunted house exhibit.

While I’ve no such encounters, I did enjoy haunted house tours when I was a kid.  There was a family in my hometown named Clancy.  The family lived in a massive Victorian mansion.  Mr. Clancy and friends from his church would create some incredible displays and give the kids from across town some serious entertainment.  Then there would be candy and prayer (just in case you believe Halloween is a dangerous practice).

A few days ago I saw a post on Facebook.  From Cassia County.  The area around Albion and Almo would be fertile territory for haunting if indeed there were ghosts.  Pioneers heading west passed through the area for decades starting in the 1840s.  Not everyone made it safely.

The old Albion Normal School is a great place to set up a haunted house exhibit.  It’s old and large.  If you’re driving from Burley, you’ll find it on the right hand side of the road just as you’re coming into Albion.  If you’re using GPS, the old school is located at 437 East North Street.  The doors will be open for the tours Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights through October, concluding on Halloween!

I just had a thought.  The Normal School trained generations of Idaho teachers.  Considering how I behaved in class, if anyone was going to haunt me…


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