I can admit that I have my own set of issues as a driver. I drive too fast and my blinker doesn't work sometimes - but I'm surprised at the number of people in Twin Falls who don't stop at stop signs. In this video there are 17 cars that are shown from a 6 minute recording and only 1 of those comes to a complete stop! 4 of the vehicles do what is known as a 'California Roll' or a 'California Stop' if you don't want to get confused with sushi. This is where you slow down to almost a stop but keep a little vehicular momentum to aid your forward movement. Then there are 12 cars that barely stop (if at all) for the sign at the intersection. That is crazy.

What do you think about the video? Is it OK to treat a 'stop sign' as a 'yield sign' or as if the sign weren't there at all?

This video is from a subdivision in Twin Falls right next to a park and near an Elementary School and a Middle School. That kind of driving is not safe for kids walking or biking to school. I know some would argue that slowing down and looking is good enough, but it isn't. A Stop sign means you need to stop. Here's a refresher in case you are confused on what that means.