FAIRFIELD, Idaho (KLIX) – A health advisory has been lifted at Magic Reservoir after recent samples show that toxin levels have dropped, but visitors are still urged to use caution when around algal blooms. 

A health advisory was issued at the reservoir in October after laboratory tests indicated toxic levels of microcystins existed in the water.

Though the advisory has been lifted, South Central Public Health District and the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality say those who use the reservoir still need to be cautious in and around areas where the algal bloom is still visible. It is possible the harmful algal blooms (HABs) could return.

“As a future course of action,” reads a news release, both agencies “are working to meet with stakeholders to discuss strategies to protect recreational waterways and develop better communications to educate the public about HABs.”

HABs and associated toxins can cause serious illness and death in humans and animals.

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