There’s a very good possibility hemp could be legal by the middle of next year.  State legislators in favor of the change believe they can answer all questions from stakeholders before the 2020 legislative session.  Eventually, hemp also could surface as a ballot initiative.

There is a petition circulating in support of the driver.

State Representative Ilana Rubel, a Boise Democrat, joined Newsradio 1310 KLIX for a question and answer session.  She’s also working closely with some Republicans for legalization.  They believe it’s another potential cash crop for Idaho farmers.

Rubel also would like to see the release of a truck driver who was arrested in January carrying hemp through Idaho.  It’s possible he didn’t know Idaho law treats hemp no differently than marijuana possession.  The driver could face five years in prison.

There is a petition circulating in support of the driver.

Opposition to hemp production has come mainly from law enforcement.  Over concerns, it isn’t easy to differentiate quickly between hemp and its more potent cousin.

You can hear our discussion with Representative Rubel below:

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