Retired General Jack Keane claims the United States and China have been at war for several years in all but the shooting.  Daily headlines warn the Chinese could attack and annex Taiwan soon.  The latter is a rich source of semi-conductors and China is wealthy in rare earth minerals.  The minerals power things like smartphones and batteries for the growing electric vehicle market.

Idaho Rests Atop a Trove of Wealth

It’s not like the United States lacks mineral resources.  Some of the richest deposits are in Mountain West and beneath the ground in Idaho.  As a nation, we simply need the will to extract this wealth.  Darr Moon is a geologist.  He and his wife, Dorothy, live in Idaho’s central highlands.  You may know her name as a state representative from the sprawling District 8.  The two also own a gold mine.

For almost a year, they’ve been telling me, the only thing holding back mineral extractions have been liberals and bureaucrats in Washington, D.C.  Possibly a handful of Gaia worshipping radicals closer to home who are also putting up roadblocks.

It's Called Being Self-Sufficient

Here’s my point; if China follows through on its Taiwan gambit, our economic and military readiness will be sorely tested.  If we use our own resources the Chinese can grab some territory but won’t gain an advantage over the United States.  The Chinese could get a grip on Taiwan but won’t gain a global monopoly on minerals.

You have to hate your own countrymen somewhat fiercely to get in the way of energy and mineral independence.

I’m sharing one of Darr’s Facebook posts.  He makes it quite clear there’s more than just gold in those hills.

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