Idaho’s economy would benefit.  America’s national security would be enhanced.  We could end dependence on hostile regimes.  I’ve written before about the need for mining of cobalt and rare earth minerals that need to resume in Idaho.  The idea got a massive boost this week when the Atlantic, a national publication, visited two cobalt mines in the state, both of which could soon be operational.

Naysayers Need an Education

There are challenges and the usual environmental suspects would object.  These are the same people who consume and promote the products that need the same minerals.  Think electric cars!

Our military also has a need and at the moment is dependent on potentially hostile actors for supplies.

A Jolt for Our Economy

Darr Moon is a mining engineer and geologist.  He lives atop a mountain near Challis.  He and his wife own an old gold mine.  She serves in the state legislature from District 8 and is a candidate for Idaho Secretary of State.  The latter is a position that also gets a seat on the state land board.

Darr joined us this morning on Newsradio 96.1 FM and 1310 KLIX.  He explained that the cobalt is ready for extraction.  There’s also a massive deposit of rare earth minerals straddling Idaho and Montana.  Why don’t we determine it’s time and start harvesting these God-given resources?

You can listen to the conversation with Darr Moon by clicking here.
He admits mining is a risky business.  So are farming, logging, and fighting fires.  It’s also risky in the current worldwide climate to deny our need for minerals.

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