All magic valley schools are now back in session.  Here's a quick lesson on when you do and don't have to stop for a school bus.

If you're on any road with two lanes of traffic, with each lane going in opposite directions, both following and oncoming traffic must stop for the bus.  This would also apply to roads and highways that have a middle, turn lane between the two roads traveling in opposite directions. The above illustration is a screenshot taken from the Idaho State drivers manual.

Now I must admit that if I had taken the driver's test today, I would have gotten the next scenario wrong.

In Idaho, you do not have to stop if you are traveling in the opposite direction on roads with four or more lanes, if two lanes are going in each direction.  The screencap above from the Idaho State Drivers Manual above clearly illustrates this scenario.

I recently spoke to representatives from both the Twin Falls city and county departments and I am told that the biggest problem they're having right now are people forgetting to slow down in school zones. Most people don't seem to be doing this intentionally... they're just not thinking. Please remember to slow down in school zones and watch out of the kids.  Be safe!