TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)-The Twin Falls City Council approved funds Monday evening to help create a memorial wall recognizing veterans, police, and first responders who lost their lives while on duty. All council members present voted in favor of committing up to $80,000 for the Memorial Wall in the Downtown Commons behind the stage area. The funds would come from the capital reserves or contingency funds. According to City Manager Travis Rothweiler, the idea came from Scott Martin who approached the city in 2020 to compile the names of men and women within the county who served in the military, police, fire, and emergency services and were died in the line of duty. City council approved the use of the wall back in 2020. The City of Twin Falls has reached out to the the community for help verifying the current list of people that are eligible to be named on the wall. The public has until September 30, 2022 (Friday) to review the names and submit someone believed to be missing from the list; go HERE for the current list. So far the list has about 238 veterans from Twin Falls County who served and died in World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and the War on Terror. Rothweiler told the council that the earlier design of the memorial had to be changed because of the number of eligible names set to go on it. He also noted the design is more durable to withstand vandalism as the plates with the individual's name will be made of steel. The list posted on the city website does not show the names of law enforcement who have died like that of Twin Falls Police officer Craig Bracken, shot and mortally wounded in 1939. City officials say it will be included as well as the names of a firefighter and Twin Falls County Deputy. Contact the city by following this LINK.  Additional metal plates will be ordered blank if any names need to be added that may have been missed or when there are future deaths.
Below is the old design for the Honor Wall:

Rendering of proposed veterans memorial, City of Twin Falls
Rendering of proposed veterans memorial, City of Twin Falls
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