The so-called green revolution may have run its course.  In a blockbuster deal, Chevron is buying Hess.  This follows a recent mega-deal involving Exxon Mobil to expand its holdings in what are called “fossil fuels”.  If the big players are still betting on the future of oil and natural gas, then it’s because they know the climate change baloney is running out of energy (pun intended).

A recent video from trendwatcher and analyst Peter Zeihan explains national security will also be bolstered.  You can watch his video below.  While the hemp clothing crowd keeps telling us the fracking era is winding down, he says otherwise.  He says this will also expand American manufacturing, meaning we’ll not only have the planet’s cheapest energy, but we’ll also see industry that went overseas coming back.  That means jobs and it means we’ll start to reverse the balance of trade.

I had a conversation with Idaho Republican Chairwoman Dorothy Moon.  She and her husband are geologists.  She explained the Boulder-White Clouds contain so much mineral wealth that it would pay off our national debt.  Combine that with Zeihan’s approach and this country could have a golden age.  It just takes the political will to tell the tree-huggers to shut up and sit down.

It’s a hostile world.  Our independence from long supply chains can reduce our chances of getting involved in wars.  A lot of nasty people would suddenly become cozy.  Zeihan also points out that the use of hydrocarbons would also reduce carbon emissions in ways the granola munching crowd won’t admit.  Again, watch his video.

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