There have been some changes to how you should park downtown Twin Falls. 

Don't think we're being mean or critical... We're not. This is going to happen during any adjustment period.  Downtown Twin Falls hasn't changed in so many years, there's bound to be some confusion.

Following the new construction, a lot of curbing that used to separate the street from the sidewalk has been removed. This allows for more outdoor seating and all that flat space makes downtown even more event friendly.

In some areas, we now have pavers where curbing would be.  While you can park on the pavers, you really shouldn't.  As you can see, the pavers along the street are centered with the new trees that have been planted... and you wouldn't park on those, would you?

New rule of thumb when parking downtown: In areas without curbing, use the pavers as your stopping point and stop just short of the brick.

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