The skating rink in Downtown Twin Falls is almost ready! The rink has only been up a couple of years and it is complete with Christmas decorations.

If everything stays the same you will be able to rent ice skates for $5 and skate for free, if you have your own ice skates you can skate for free no matter what. The rink will be in the Downtown Commons where the splash pad was. It isn't a huge skating rink but it is still a ton of fun to check out.

I am not positive exactly when the skating rink will be ready for visitors but I imagine pretty soon. It looks mostly complete at this point. If I was a betting person I would think it will be open this weekend.

I still have never gone ice skating and I seriously have no reason not to do so now. I really need to get out there and have some fun. It has to be a great time for families and with it being fake ice I would imagine it won't hurt as bad when you fall down. Maybe I am wrong.

You can social distance, wear a face covering if you feel the need to do so and have a great time outside. There are so many things to do in Twin Falls and it only makes sense that an ice skating rink be put on that list.

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