You knew this was going to happen.  Democrat Pete Buttigieg is getting heckled because he’s a homosexual.  A conspiracy theorist might go as far as suggesting he wants to be heckled.  Maybe even the local homophobes have been recruited to bolster Mayor Pete’s Presidential campaign.

I say this because it makes him a more sympathetic candidate for many who don’t like bullies, although.

Buttigieg’s attacks on the Christian Mike Pence may suggest the Democrat is a bit of a bully as well.  Before becoming Vice President, Pence served in Congress and as Governor of Indiana, the home state of both men.  When the Mayor of South Bend emerged from the closet, Pence praised Buttigieg as a great public servant and patriot.

In need of a straw man to generate more sympathy, the Democrat now claims the Vice President has issues with men who don’t comply with biblical marriage.

Remember the movie villain who paid a guy for a beating so he could blame it on Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry?  The villain later became a Mayor of a small city in Indiana.  Or so it appears.

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