We love America and we love and appreciate those who have served, fought, and even died for our freedoms. I'm sure you feel about the same - but do we show our Vets here in Idaho the amount of respect and care they deserve?

WalletHub did a study of 100 big American cities and Idaho did not represent very well.

Source: WalletHub

Boise came in at 38 on the list of best cities overall for veterans. That's pretty good, but we didn't do well in all categories.

The job opportunities for veterans is a low 68 and the health of veterans is in the bottom 10. We did score well in in economy and quality of life for Veterans which seems to contradict that Boise is in the bottom 10 for health?

No matter what the stats say or how you look at it though - these men and women deserve our respect, appreciation, and care.

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