John Bolton says the President never said the words.  Bolton and Donald Trump aren't on good terms.  Going back to Bolton's messy departure from the White House.  As the President is taking heat for allegedly disparaging American war dead and wounded, Bolton today called the allegations wrong.  He was on the trip to France in June 2019 when the President supposedly made the comments according to unnamed sources speaking to the Atlantic magazine. 

White House media spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany shared ten other sources today who denied the Atlantic story.  And now Bolton.  A guy you would expect to have an ax to grind as he's already aired some complaints against the President in a book.

What's going on here?  It's desperation on the part of Mr. Trump's enemies.  They fear he may close the gap with Joe Biden before Election Day.  The Never Trump gang, the Lincoln Project and some Pentagon types are frustrated.  The latter because Mr. Trump is winding down endless wars.  Officers prove themselves at combat and not behind desks.

There is going to be more incoming flak at the White House.  Expect some wild-eyed claim about the President every few days before November.

I equate it to the playbook the liberals open every time we get a constitutionalist or legal conservative nominated to serve as a judge or Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.  Democrat Party ward bosses rummage around until they can find some woman to make a claim the nominee groped her at a pool party in 1978.  And she has been so traumatized she couldn't speak for 42 years.  Then she saw an opportunity to scuttle someone she knew in passing because he's a threat to the liberal's culture of death.

These are the tactics of a political party filled with soulless beings.  If they can support dismembering babies as a form of birth control, torpedoing a nominee is well within their satanic bounds.  We can't give these people access to power.

The President isn't perfect.  He's also the last thing standing between old traditions and modern depravity.

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