If you’re in need of about five minutes of Chappie star Hugh Jackman and Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon discussing, joking about, and sporting mullets, have we got a clip for you. Jackman stopped by the show last night to talk Chappie – all robots and future and stuff – but Fallon quickly fixated on his favorite element of the entire film: Jackman’s mullet. Turns out, Jackman went full mullet for the role, and it’s actually not the first time he’s grown out his own party in back/business in front coif.

Jackman has a long, storied relationship with mullets, one that is adorably tied up in the early days of romance with his wife. Long before he was Wolverine, Jackman was cast in the Australian soap opera, Correlli, where he was cast alongside his future wife. His looka t the time is remarkably similar to his look in Chappie and somehow love survived. Can a mullet be romantic? When Hugh Jackman is sporting it, all bets are off. Luckily his wife sent Fallon a photo just so we can all see what a young Hugh Jackman with a mullet looks like.

If you have a desire to see more of Hugh Jackman's mullet that this Tonight Show clip can't satiate, you can check out Chappie, which is now playing in theaters.

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