The hunting of Yellowstone wolves is changing the way the animals live. Keep in mind that shooting them inside the park will earn you a trip to see a judge.  On the outside, it’s a different matter.  I was reading a story this week about how it has altered the social structure of the packs.  You can view it by clicking here.

Mating Styles Will Change

The dominant males in packs select a female and breed with her.  The other animals don’t produce pups.  Hunting is bringing about some rapid cultural and evolutionary changes.  Scientists claim they’re now seeing multiple couples and multiple pregnant females in packs.

I posted the original story on my personal Facebook page.  I can safely tell you I found very little sympathy for the wolves.  As one writer shared, the same scientists aren’t likely concerned about changes to livestock herds.  Others would mind seeing an end to all of the packs, explaining the animals simply aren’t native to the region.

Some Want the Hunt to End

Montana Governor Greg Gianforte supports his state’s wolf hunt.  He was even accused by some opponents of himself taking one of the furry beasts.  Killing the animal wasn’t illegal outside the park but Gianforte hadn’t taken a trapping course.  Yellowstone National Park, scientists, animal rights activists, and some state legislators want to bring hunting to an end.  One argument says the loss of animals is making research more difficult.

Don’t expect the two sides to find a resolution soon.

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