Box Canyon

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There are electronic billboards on Idaho’s highways thanking drivers for doing their part and staying home.  Is this meant to guilt travelers?  After all, if you’re reading the message, you aren’t at home.  I would’ve snapped a picture but I was driving at 80 miles per hour.  An accident would likely be more deadly than the virus for most people.

I escaped home confinement Easter Sunday.  And I drove through parts of three counties!  Any day now, you’ll be seeing my picture on the walls of postal offices, if you can get into one without having to wait outdoors for social distancing.

Then I could get off the Governor’s naughty list by ratting them out.

Anyhow, I went to Ritter Island, because the Governor says for health reasons we can still walk in parks.  Just not parks where there are power stations.  Because if I cough walking near a power plant, the electrical grid will collapse.  Then we’ll all be in the dark during home confinement and Netflix won’t work.  I guess we could be like the kids in Mad Max who make a TV screen from sticks and stage our own plays, although.  You would be required to have a small cast because having the neighbors come over and play extras would be dangerous to all involved.

I did make it to Box Canyon, where I kept my distance from other human beings.  I got some very nice pictures as I watched two large groups go hiking.  Both parties weren’t maintaining social distance.  I should’ve taken their pictures.  Then I could get off the Governor’s naughty list by ratting them out.  I can see the posters now.  “Wanted:  Hiking Scofflaws Spread Disease and Death!”

Do you suppose I could get a reward?  You know, along with the fiat currency I’m still waiting to see in my bank account.

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