I’ve been watching this construction for a very long time.  Did you know the Pentagon, which is a much larger and more secure facility, was built almost as quickly?  The road behind Culver’s has been a dusty mess now for months.  If you live nearby, you’re well aware because it keeps blowing into your open windows.

The road behind Culver’s has been a dusty mess now for months.

I worked in the hotel business my first year out of college.  It took patience because tired travelers aren’t always the most pleasant people at check-in, however.  My boss told me our motto was, “The customer is always right!”  Until someone would try and get a discount for an issue where she thought they were attempting to play a fast one.

Her father was an Italian immigrant and had built the hotel, a banquet hall and golf course through sweat equity.  After she would dress someone down at the front desk, he would leave with tail between his legs.

“You can’t let them buffalo you,” she would explain.

She ran a tight ship.  If she had been a construction foreman, the new Marriott would’ve been complete in May.

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