There must be a brewery in just about every American town with a population above two-thousand.

I was struck by the sheer variety of beers

When I was a kid, one U.S. brewer controlled more than half the domestic market.  Then, the craft revolution arrived.  At first, it made only a small dent.

Marketers discovered beer drinkers are like wine connoisseurs.  People want variety.  The big players then rolled out new flavors and recipes, but it didn’t stop the momentum.  I was walking through some grocery stores this week when I was struck by the sheer variety of beers.  Some I’m not sure sound in any way appealing, although.  I emailed some of the pictures to friends and many would like to try the distinct varieties.

For all the talk about how some companies are pending monopolies, the beer industry is evidence capitalism still can thrive when someone gets creative.

Courtesy, Bill Colley.
Courtesy, Bill Colley.

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