Judging by the population growth south and east of Twin Falls, we may be closing on Maine.  Albeit, it could take a few decades.  Maine currently has an estimated 60,000 moose, giving it the second-highest population in the country.  Alaska has what looks to be an insurmountable lead, with 200,000.  Idaho is third with roughly 10,000.

While moose don’t appear to like much of the high desert landscape in the southern part of the state, we certainly have evidence they travel through the area.  Two have been moved from Twin Falls and another fell off a cliff in the past few months.

Moose are lovely creatures to observe from a distance.  I watched some drinking from the Wood River last spring.  From the safety of a bridge a considerable distance away.  There were two of them.  They briefly glanced my way and then went back to drinking.  They looked docile as if we were dealing with Jekyll and Hyde.  Because they’re infamously ill-tempered.

I suspect we’ll be seeing many more of them.  There aren’t many predators that mess with moose.  The higher elevations also offer them some peace.  Until snowmobile and ski seasons!  They’ve adapted to their environment.  I just don’t want to encounter them on the Interstate.

You see if you survive the collision, you're still going to have a large hairy thing on your lap.  Odds are if the moose survives, it's going to be angry.  This isn't a battle you're going to ever win, no matter the severity of the collision.  Be aware, especially this winter.  Stopping distances on snow and ice requires some care.

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Gallery Credit: Ryan Antoinette Valenzuela

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