She had stopped at an accident scene.  Then she accelerated and her SUV struck a Rock Creek Firefighter working at the scene.  She never stopped and kept going.  How could she not know what she had done?  All we know is she was wearing a ball cap and that the SUV, which is light blue, may have some clear damage from the impact.  The back injury suffered by the firefighter may last him a lifetime.  That could mean one less guy looking out for the rest of us.

Does this woman have a conscience?  When you consider how light the punishment is likely to be, why would she stay in the shadows?

A few theories.  I had someone slam into my car a few years ago at the grocery store.  She exchanged insurance details.  Then later she refused to cooperate when it came to my repairs.  There was no police report to back me up because city police don’t have the manpower to respond to non-injury accidents in Smith’s parking lot.  I still have her insurance information.  Her agent let it slip that the woman had been involved in an accident the previous month.  Two in a matter of weeks could have cost her coverage.  You can have your own collision pay for repairs and then try and negotiate, but there are no guarantees of success.

If the woman who plowed into the firefighter was under the influence, then perhaps there’s an attempt to hide the problem.  But she should be sober by now.

Was she driving a vehicle owned by someone else?  A partial read shows that the SUV is registered in Twin Falls County.  Someone needs to call the Sheriff if they know the driver.  It’s called doing the right thing.

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