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It’s called energy colonialism.  Rich coastal elites see flyover country as a place to build green energy for their own use.  If you have some time for some serious reading, you might consider clicking this link and reading a lengthy essay from Joel Kotkin at National Review.  He warns your lifestyle and culture are viewed as expendable by the big money behind green energy.

Not that urban liberals and conservatives in rural America share much love, but matters are getting worse.  Kotkin acknowledges a lot of powerful forces are working against rural people.  We’re the underdogs.

About halfway through his column, he really delves into the battle over renewable energy.  The other side and mainstream media are heavily funded by the green lobby.  They also view your current way of life as backward.

Idaho House Minority Leader Ilana Rubel told Magic Valley This Morning that her correspondence on the proposed Lava Ridge Wind Project is equally split.  The big money is funding a write-in campaign to blur the overwhelming local opposition.

Energy is only one leg of the climate crowd’s stool.  Another is a need for rare earth minerals.  One writer at Real Clear Energy explains we’ll be relying on an increasingly hostile China for mining.

Finally, the economist Stephen Moore explains that a lot of your tax dollars have chased green energy.  You’ve seen little in return but a lot of well-connected people have become rich.  When it’s over, it could end up being the greatest transfer of wealth in human history.  You’ll be a pauper searching for roots to eat at the base of a rusting wind turbine.

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