Some people say we’ll never see the Lava Ridge Wind Project take off.  Jerome County Commissioner Ben Crouch told me that U.S. Representative Mike Simpson is confident the project is dead on arrival.  Simpson has a multitude of contacts after more than 20 years in the House.  I think most of us won’t sleep well until it’s officially announced the project is no longer on the table.

Crouch is participating next week in stating opposition during a ceremony at the Minidoka Internment Camp.  Multiple counties are involved, including his counterparts from as far away as Washington County.

A rally is scheduled in Twin Falls on the evening of April 11th.  Forrest Andersen has cleared the gathering at City Hall Commons for 7:00.  You’ll be seeing the notices popping up throughout the valley.

Remember, none of the power generated would stay in Idaho.  It’s going to California.  Why does California need our juice?  Check out this link from the writer Robert Bryce at Substack.  The geniuses in charge of energy decisions there have made decisions that have not only caused brownouts due to shortages of electricity, they’re now doubling down.  Prices are skyrocketing and to appease growing anger from ratepayers, the idea is to make Idaho shoulder a share of the burden.

Again, we repeat this daily.  There are better alternatives.  There are also moments when arrogant greenies need to learn some humility, stop virtue signaling, and admit that they’re wrong.  Don’t hold your breath. Being a leftist means never having to say you're sorry.

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