TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)-Idaho businesses are being warned about fake certificates that claim to show they are legitimate companies that will cost them much more than what the state charges for them.

The Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden and Secretary of State Lawrence Denney announced a company called ID Certificate Service is sending Idaho businesses misleading mailers and charging for certificates of existence. The actual certificates are issued by the Secretary of State for businesses who want to show they are a legitimate and registered business in Idaho, however the state does not require businesses to purchase one. The Attorney General said in a statement the mailings were not authorized by the Secretary of State and the certificates issued by the company are not official.

The company offers a certificate for $73.50 when a business can get an official one from the state for just $10. “It is beyond unfortunate that companies attempt to deceive and mislead people in pursuit of illegitimate profit,” Denney said in a prepared statement. “But nonetheless these scams persist. We wish to remind Idaho business owners that if at any time you question the authenticity of a request for business information or a statement requesting payment for a service, please contact our office or the Idaho Attorney General.”

The Attorney General said anyone who gets the mailer should just ignore it. See form below:

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