TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX) Private well owners in Buhl will be able to get their water tested for free for certain contaminants next week. The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality is teaming up with the city of Buhl to test private wells for nitrate and arsenic during the Buhl Community Health and Information Fair on Tuesday, February 20. The event will be at the Popplewell Elementary School at 200 N. 6th Ave.
According to Idaho DEQ well owners will need to do the following things:

  • Identify a source that is not connected to a treatment device (water softener, carbon filter, or other filtration system). An outside faucet or hydrant works best.
  • Locate two clean glass jars with lids or Ziploc bags to collect the water samples. Label the outside with your name or address, date, and well name (garden well or house well). Separate samples are needed to screen for nitrate and arsenic.
  • Allow the water to run 5-10 minutes to empty the pressure tank so water comes directly from the aquifer, which leads to more accurate results.
  • In separate containers, collect 1/2 cup of water for nitrate and 2 cups for arsenic.
  • Keep the samples cool.

More extensive testing will be available at an added expense. More information available by calling Idaho DEQ at 208-736-2190.


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