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People have been joking about a sign at the Smith’s gas pumps in Twin Falls.  The latest look is what you see above.  Last week it looked like the picture immediately below.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Picture by Bill Colley.

The solution requires more than climbing up a ladder and changing the numbers.  The sign is automated.  The column for the regular grade was stuck for several days last week, and no, it wasn’t almost 10 dollars a gallon!  The old mistake was cleared over the weekend.  There is a second sign along Addison Avenue with an accurate price.

This isn’t to say we aren’t going to avoid any big price hikes.  Check out this link from  Prices have been gradually rising for months.  It could get much worse.  The website suggests soaring prices could return with a vengeance.  We may not get much help domestically anytime soon.  Rig counts are down.  Greenies also work overtime to bring down the domestic oil and gas industries.

Let me share one last link with you from Bari Weiss.  She left the liberal media universe to pursue facts and truth.  She sat down for an interview with a man named Peter Turchin.  He sees the United States as on the cusp of revolution.  He applies a historical formula.  The greenies and their elite allies are diving us that way.  No pun intended!  He believes the manure is going to hit the fan next year.

I made an observation on-air Monday morning.  Never in American history have two major presidential candidates both faced criminal prosecution during an election year. We’re blessed by living in such tumultuous times.


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