TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)-The Idaho Department of Fish and Game says it plans on moving around 70 elk that have been damaging crops in the Little Camas area as part of an ongoing depredation operation.

Idaho Fish and Game announced plans to translocate the antlerless elk in the coming days by trapping them in a pin and move them to a more remote area to a central part of the state. The agency says it normally wouldn't relocate elk, but has decided to do so to help prevent crop damage caused by elk that move into the farm fields at night and then move to other areas during the day. Idaho Fish and Game says the damage has been costly to the state agency.

Conservation officers have attempted several techniques to deal with crop damaging by providing hunting tags, sharp shooters, and other means to reduce the damage caused by the animals. Idaho Fish and Game says the number of elk in the Smoky-Bennett Zone is plentiful and healthy and are above the population management goals outlined in a elk management plan for the state.

Some of the elk trapped will be tagged and collard for monitoring in their new location, bull elk will be anesthetized, ear-tagged and then released on-site. Idaho Fish and Game says it will make every effort to keep the animals safe, but anticipate some will die in the process. Animals killed in the operation will be processed and donated to help feed needy Idahoans.

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