NAMPA, Idaho (AP) — Attempts to lessen the far right's hold on the Idaho Republican Party's core policies stalled Thursday during the first day of the state's GOP convention.

Instead, the party's platform committee not only reaffirmed they supported the Idaho Republican Party's policy supporting the gold standard and repealing the 17th Amendment that has U.S. senators popularly elected, but also approved new policies arguing that carbon dioxide is not a pollutant and opposing mandatory preschool.

The panel also backed a proposal stating the U.S. Constitution was a divinely inspired document. The proposals approved Wednesday must still pass the general assembly, which won't meet until Saturday.

The three-day convention is currently taking place in Nampa. The party will spend the next few days amending policies, rules and resolutions; as well as electing new party officers. The Idaho Republican Party failed to pass any new platforms in 2014 after political infighting resulted in chaos and ended without getting anything done.

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