The sum of all establishment fears! Courtesy, Idaho House of Representatives.

Did you know that Heather Scott stepped on some ants while walking to work?  I also understand she took a Kleenex from a colleague’s desk without asking permission.

As a child she would often go into the pool 58 minutes after eating instead of waiting a full sixty!

Once, many years ago, she possibly failed to signal a turn at a stop sign in Blanchard (and they don’t have many!)  In 2005, she may have spent 52 minutes parked at a meter, but only paid for 3-quarters of an hour.  As a child, she would often go into the pool 58 minutes after eating instead of waiting a full sixty!  When she was 5-years-old, she may have allowed a little boy to steal a kiss on the playground.  In high school, it’s claimed she sometimes looked out the windows on warm sunny days as the teacher was talking.

In college, she read a book about Hitler.  She insists it was for an assignment in history class!

This morning, there are new allegations against Scott bordering on the insane and certainly on the ridiculous.  Scott, as you know, found herself in hot water with colleagues after sarcastically suggesting some women advance in the Idaho State Legislator by sleeping with leadership.  Reporters won’t look into any such possibilities because Scott isn’t a liberal and so therefore media isn’t interested if there’s any truth to her statement.

After reading the latest attempts to smear her, I doubt the leadership is sleeping with anyone in trades for top committee roles.  No, I would say self-sex appears to be the issue afflicting party bosses.  Mom and Dad warned them!  Self-abuse rots the brain.