In conjunction with Republican legislators.  Last year, many of us received income tax rebates.  The baseline was 50 dollars and then bigger wage earners received larger amounts (they pay more in income tax).  This is not yet a done deal for 2022 but I expect it’ll be an easy pass during an election year for Senators and the Governor.  The baseline for this year will start at 75 dollars.

The Poor Need to Start Voting

Some complain this plan favors the wealthy.  See the above paragraph.  The wealthy carry most of the freight.  If the poor want to change tax policy, then more of them should show up and vote.  My experience has been that the working poor do a lot of complaining but don’t show up in November.

You may not believe 75 dollars is much when filling a pickup costs considerably more, but every little bit helps.  Let me just say, I’m not going to send my rebate back.

It Was so Cold, I Saw a Democrat With His Hands in His Own Pockets

This morning I saw a post from the Governor’s office about the proposal.  A local Democrat activist had replied and said the state should keep the money and repair more roads.  If Democrats want to send their share back to the treasury, by all means, you’re welcome.  Just don’t think you speak for the rest of us.

Let me tell you something about taxes.  Idaho remains among the ten least taxed states in America and the economy thrives.  I grew up in a small Republican town in Western New York State.  The government at the State Capitol is dominated by liberals.  Taxes are among the highest in the nation.  The roads aren’t much better.  In fact, construction is perpetual and at the prevailing wage.  In other words, working people are robbed while a handful gets a big check for make-work projects.  Been there.  Done with that.  Want no more of it.

Glad to be in Idaho where I can learn to dodge potholes on my own.

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