When I was a little boy, my friends and I believed we would be driving airships versus cars when we were adults.  Like in the Jetsons.

I don’t expect greenies to be logical people.  Years of marijuana use have harmed the connections between synapses in their brains.  As I’ve said before, they believe we’re all going to power the future on pixie dust but not flatulence.  They plan to smoke the former and ban the latter.

Unlike my friends from 50 years ago, the greenies are adults and you wouldn’t think they would be living in a cartoon fantasy stage.  You would be wrong.

I want you to check out this link.  It’s from the Energy Policy Research Foundation.  If you’re too glassy-eyed to read it, let me explain.  To power an entire fleet of electric vehicles, the United States would need to generate another one-third of our current capacity.  Looking at the average annual growth in power over the last decade, the goal remains 80 years away.  Sort of ruins the Biden timetable.  Have you considered through the fog of smoke that this isn’t going to happen in most of our lifetimes?  I’m entering my seventh decade and haven’t yet met George Jetson.

We also don’t have storage capacity.  Check out this link from a presentation by Bjorn Lomborg.  We currently have less than two minutes of available storage available.  By the end of the decade, we may have ten minutes worldwide.  If there are no hiccups.

I keep telling you lefties you have no evidence to back up your vision for the future.  And you ignore the evidence that’s an inconvenient truth.  You’re very dangerous people and delusional.

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