The words hands free once referred to your dating history.  Now, there is a second definition.  As of tomorrow you’ll be breaking the law in Idaho if you’re yacking on your cell phone while driving.  There are some exceptions, such as if you’re calling with an actual emergency or to report a crime.

You won’t get a ticket, for the time being, if you get pulled over while talking on the telephone.  You can initially expect a warning.  Citations will likely be issued starting with the end of the year.

Citations will likely be issued starting with the end of the year.

The state moved to hands free after some cities and towns across Idaho made the move.

I lived in one of the first states to go hands free several years ago.  One afternoon I was at a rest stop and struck up a conversation with a State Trooper.  I asked him how enforcement was going.

“It’s the most ignored law I’ve ever seen,” he deadpanned.  Times have changed and technology has been developed to allow us to keep both hands on the wheel while having a telephone conversation.

A few years ago I was driving home from a political forum at Turf Club.  My telephone rang with a call from a state legislator.  I did answer by picking up the telephone.  It made me feel embarrassed because I preach about these things all the time, however.  I was only a couple of blocks from my driveway and was able to stop the car and safely have a long conversation with Representative Moon.  Just in case you were wondering who called!

I’ll be buying one of those hands free gadgets.  I’ve resisted a very long time.

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