When will St. Luke’s follow the lead?  In neighboring Utah, Intermountain Healthcare has suspended vaccine mandates for workers.  This came after a series of court losses by the Biden White House, which was attempting to impose mandates on millions of Americans.  Hospitals were targeted because the federal government sends Medicare and Medicaid payments.  You take Caesar’s coin, you follow Caesar’s rules!

Intermountain estimates that 95 percent of all its workers have gotten the shot or shots.

Can They Stop Virtue Signaling?

In Idaho, the three largest healthcare providers insisted on vaccines by early September.  While the Governor and legislators didn’t interfere, the Chief Executive Officer at St. Luke’s sent the Governor a large campaign contribution.  At the same time, Governor Little opposes the Biden mandates.  Does anyone see this as contradictory?

A friend told me his wife works at St. Luke’s.  She claims the hospital has been a bit lax in enforcing its own mandate.  This is what happens when you realize you’ll be understaffed during a so-called pandemic.

Omicron is the Common Cold

Now that we’re faced with a variant out of South Africa, what will be the next overreaction?  The Omicron variant is described as causing fatigue for a couple of days, possibly a sore throat, and maybe even a mild cough.  In other words, what we call the common cold (a series of older coronaviruses) is often more serious.  But it won’t stop the media-driven hysteria, which is adopted by power-hungry politicians and employers playing CYA (cover your tail).

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Meanwhile, the people the elites claim to serve are forced to live in fear and anxiety.

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