Sleigh Ride?  What do they think we are?  Simpletons?  I was searching for news on Christmas traditions in Idaho and found this website.  It lists the favorite holiday song for each state (did we have a vote and I was out of town?)  Sleigh Ride doesn’t even have lyrics.

Well, at least it’s not that depressing tome about the little boy buying shoes for his dead mom.  Before I moved into an office of my own, I could hear the radio playing in our reception area.  It’s a short playlist on KOOL and that woman died several times a day.  We’ll be hearing this music very soon.

Then there’s the insipid Mary, Did You Know?  Yes, that’s uplifting at Christmas.  Nice looking boy you have there.  What happens if he gets nailed to a tree?  I thought Christmas was a joyous time.  In Kentucky, the optimistic population likes Holly Jolly Christmas.  The two Washington places, the state, and the District are known as liberal bastions and each with its fair share of godless atheists. But they’ve got good taste when it comes to White Christmas.  Our neighbors in Wyoming like Rudolph.  Me too!

Spare me, John Lennon, and Mariah Carey, however.  If she’s singing with me in mind, I’m in.

They’ve got it right in the Dakotas.  In the southern one, it’s Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.  A personal favorite.  In North Dakota, it’s Carol of the Bells.  Now that’s a good instrumental!

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If there’s a sliver of hope here, not one state listed Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer.  Such a pleasant Christmas thought, huh?

Do you believe this list?  Share with me your personal favorite and prove Sleigh Ride wrong.

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