When it comes to nostalgia, there are very few states' residents living more in the past than those of Idaho.

To get the results of their study, Estately took a look at 5 common nostalgic interests. They judged on the amount of classic cars, antiques, retro clothes, vinyl records and for some reason, Jell-O. By those parameters, Idaho is the 6th most nostalgic state. Utah came in at number 2 (probably because they included Jell-O as a criteria) and California was in the top spot.

I don't know how much Jell-O is consumed in Idaho, but I bet without that criteria we would be higher up the list. Idaho has so many classic cars and shows, the main streets of our cities are lined with antique shops, thrift stores with vintage clothing and I hear a lot of talk about records from the younger Hipster kids thinking it is cool to listen to songs on vinyl.

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