Not because you’ve been bad.  Instead, the toys you want may not be available.  I was getting ready for work and had the television on in the background.  A toy store owner from Las Vegas was explaining the situation.  You can see the link here.  He says if you see it on the shelf, buy it now!  He can’t guarantee he’ll get replacements.

He says if you see it on the shelf, buy it now!  He can’t guarantee he’ll get replacements.

An old friend of mine is somewhat of a cynic.  He claims there’s no great supply chain shortage.  He was on Facebook last weekend saying this was simply to encourage more buying.  Look, I don’t believe companies are unhappy with panic spending.  The Wall Street Journal reported Monday that some very big names are elated that people are buying at inflated prices.  It’s pleasing as well for shareholders.  I just don’t believe this is a conspiracy to encourage binge buying.

I’ve been struggling to find some items on shelves since spring of last year.  Take canned cat food.  It mostly comes out of Asian fishing fleets and you probably don’t want to know about the cruelty many working on the boats face, however.  My cat still likes his Friskies.  I’ve tried some alternatives and he’s not fond of substitutes.  This link suggests he’s not alone.

I know, I know.  This is a first-world problem.  It’s also lasted much longer than I imagined.  Building new supply lines would appear to be an arduous process.  It does make me wonder how we would fare if a shooting war erupted over Taiwan or some other Asia-Pacific hotspot.  My parents and grandparents knew rationing in World War Two.  They survived.  We like to romanticize their character but I do believe we would adapt, even if it wasn’t comfortable.  After all, they didn’t enjoy the Great Depression and wartime sacrifice.  They were simply doing what they had to do.

I do fear there’s a more sinister long game underway.  One side of the political equation believes we have too much and it harms the globe.  There’s an adage I’ll paraphrase.  Making everyone equal makes everyone share in the misery.

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