Are your local state legislators responsible for Idaho’s high gas prices?  I’ve read several stories this week that suggest the markup per gallon is currently more than 65 percent.  I’ve known of times when local service stations had a slim margin of just a few pennies.  What has changed?  I don’t remember the exact source as I’ve read several stories this week on the topic, however.  A few facts stick out in my mind.  This link may give you the clearest details.

When Idaho entered an emergency during the so-called pandemic, there were specific rules limiting price gouging.  Then last year we had a change.  Legislators voted overwhelmingly for a bill written by an association of gas station owners.  It was unanimous in the Senate!  There was a large margin in the House.  Then Governor Brad Little signed the bill into law and, presto, here we are paying some of the highest prices for gasoline in the country.

Why would the people who claim to serve you allow lobbyists to write laws that benefit the clients of the lobbyists?

There was a book I read a long time ago and it gave a pretty good explanation.  It was written by the humorist P.J. O’Rourke.  While the book's focus was on Congress, state governments have similarities.  Politicians are for sale.  Hence the title of O’Rourke’s book.

Your state legislators are hoovering up the campaign cash.  This is legalized bribery.  You finance a few campaigns and your interests get to be at the head of the line.

Go ask your local legislator about this and you’ll get the verbal equivalent of the party game Twister.  Like most whores, it’s not easy to admit to others in a society exactly how they go about business.

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