AMERICAN FALLS, Idaho (AP) — As the price of mustard rises, growers in Idaho have expanded the average devoted to the crop by 250 perfect.

The Capital Press reports that at 33.1 cents per pound delivered, mustard prices are up about 2.5 per pound from last year, making it one of the few crops to have increased in value in 2016. Idaho growers have seized on the opportunity to turn a profit.

Mountain States Oilseeds founder Bill Meadows contracts for mustard acres throughout the Snake River Plain. He says 15 of his 36 mustard growers are new this season and that most have increased their acres.

Meadows says mustard prices are strong due to acreage reductions in Canada. Nationwide, growers produced 55,000 mustard acres in 2015, compared with 15,000 acres in 2013.