I hear from the locals all the time that too many people come here. According to a new survey that's just been released, reality is the opposite of that.

Thrillist broke down the least popular states in America based on how many visitors they have. Guess who's the first one mentioned on their list? That's right. Look in the mirror. It's you, Idaho.

So, why does it feel like Idaho has more visitors than it actually does. I would blame it on the fact that, due to extreme terrain to the north, most of the traffic in this state goes through Southern Idaho.

The other factor that is mentioned by Thrillist is that many people visit Jackson Hole, Wyoming, but don't realize that Driggs and Victor are just across the mountains in Idaho and just as pretty.

I know that many will want to shush Thrillist since the reason for their story is they are encouraging more people to visit us. Tourists are great for the economy, but many want Idaho to remain their own little secret.

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