The good news is that the annual Potato Drop on New Year's Eve is going to happen this year. It is just going to look a little different and it is only going to be aired on television. No spectators allowed.

I find it very interesting that in order for the spectators to not show up, they just aren't telling anyone where it is going to be. They are literally going to hide a giant potato and drop in somewhere that isn't Downtown Boise. You will be able to watch it on KBOI.

I am a little curious how they plan on hiding the potato and how many people are going to find this to be a game. Almost like Where's Waldo only with a massive crafted spud. If you have ever seen the Weiner mobile or the Potato Truck you know people will follow that sucker for miles. But, COVID is making a different world, maybe it isn't going to happen. I am just glad that I don't have to miss it this year, it has become tradition at my house.

Let's all just be grateful that the drop is still happening. I don't know anything more Idaho than a giant potato being dropped as the new year comes barreling in. Cheers to the giant spud, Idaho and cheers to 2021 being a better year. Fingers crossed anyway.

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