Two of Canyon County Sheriff Kieran Donahue’s deputies almost died when exposed to fentanyl.  Luckily, someone was on the spot with NARCAN.  The Sheriff has become one of America’s loudest voices against the growing threat posed by fentanyl.  He made an appearance Thursday morning on Fox and Friends First on the Fox News Channel.  You can watch the segment by clicking here.

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He was a member of a panel of law enforcement and ranchers pleading with the federal government to restore the southern border.  Not close it, mind you, but restore a border that has been erased under President Joe Biden.

Donahue participated in the discussion even though the border is a long way from Canyon County.  Because the drugs flowing across the border often reach Idaho in 24 to 48 hours after being moved into the United States.  Donahue was the subject of a lengthy Fox story last winter about the increasing threat.  Nearly a year later and things have grown even worse.

An entire generation of young people is menaced by the drug, which is now the number one killer of young American adults.  And now the drug is being designed to resemble candy.   Can you imagine the tragedy if one of these tablets somehow makes its way into a Halloween bag next week?

This is a war.  Our enemies are trying to destroy us from within.  Sheriff Donahue is putting up a good fight but he needs some help and none is coming from Washington and the White House.

We need a new party in charge in the House and Senate and then the Republicans need to ensure Joe Biden is neutered.

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