Here’s the 411 on 420 from ISP.  If you’re smoking weed stay home.  If you’re not at home smoking weed, call a cab, Lyft, or Uber. April 20th is an unofficial marijuana holiday across the country.  Some people who rarely smoke pot may decide it’s a good day to light up a joint, which is still illegal in Idaho.  Some may also mix smoking with alcohol.  The mix causes exponential growth in impairment.  Many of our neighboring states have legalized the drug for medicinal and even recreational use.

Visitors Insist They Thought Dope Was OK in Idaho

Sergeant Mike Wendler is based with ISP out of Jerome.  He told Newsradio 96.1 and 1310 KLIX that many people who are stopped on Idaho roads and in possession claim they didn’t realize marijuana remains illegal here.

If you’re traveling, it’s always a good idea to look up the laws of the places you’re visiting or passing through.

Signs a Driver is Stoned

There are some telltale signs when it comes to stoned rivers.  Many are driving well under the speed limit and have difficulty staying in the lane.

The name 420 is an old code developed by a group of teenagers from California.  It was a reference to the time of day they would gather after school and smoke.  You can read more details on the history by clicking here.

Today's Drugs are Very Potent

The marijuana they smoked 50 years ago wasn’t nearly as potent as the drug mostly found today.  Your grandparent's weed was mild by current standards.

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