It is pretty crazy what the rest of America thinks of Idaho! I was reading a story from earlier this year that we ran and it was talking about the Urban Dictionary definition of Twin Falls. I figured since Twin had such an interesting urban definition why not see how the rest of Idaho fares?

Idaho Town Names In The Urban Dictionary

It turns out we don't fare well at all. Even the name of our great Gem State is weird on Urban Dictionary

Idaho - Idaho does not exist, nor does anyone "from Idaho" exist. It is suspected Idaho is a black hole.

Urban Dictionary is a site where anyone can go and add an opinion of any word or place...kind of like Wikipedia but with even less truth. You can see in the map below what some of the name entries are for 10 popular Idaho towns. Sun Valley is a personal favorite on the list and that's a pretty sick burn they placed on Rexburg.

Urban Dictionary Idaho
Idaho Google Maps

What Does The Urban Dictionary Say About Idaho

In the map above and see how outsiders define our beautiful cities. Sorry that we didn't get all the cities but some didn't have a definition on the site (but you can go add one if you want). What do you think - do the definitions fit the city? What city would you add and what would you say about it?

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DISCLAIMER: It may be too late to warn you, but if you do visit Urban Dictionary: there are a lot of NSFW entries, so use it carefully. Some of the entries are even more offensive than these rejected Idaho license plates would have been.

LOOK: The Best of the Worst Idaho License Plate Rejections Last Year

DISCLAIMER: These license plates were rejected by the state for a reason. They were either deemed to be offensive, hateful, or vulgar. Some do incorporate the 'B' from the BSU plate to create the offensive phrase and only 1 that I could tell needs to be read backward.

17 Horrible Specialized Idaho License Plate Ideas

With personalized license plates, you get to have a bit of creativity. You get to make the plate your own and either be vague, funny, odd, or crystal clear with your message. But you only get a few letters to do it.

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