A friend calls this an example of first world problems.

You do realize the corn and pumpkins taste the same

In our lobby at the Townsquare Media radio stations, we’ve got bowls and baskets of snacks.  I’m proud to say the clementines in the basket were gobbled quickly.  Fruit is a healthy choice.

Then, there is candy.  Depending on the type of candy, it can get inhaled or it can get stale.  Last week’s Circus Peanuts vanished in a day.  The candy corn isn’t moving nearly at the same speed.  Or, partly not moving.  Someone fished all the candy pumpkins from the bowl and left behind the candy corn.

You do realize the corn and pumpkins taste the same, have the same consistency and are made from the same confection.  Somehow the pumpkins are treated as superior.  Does it work the same where you live and work?

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